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John Bilbrey (Owner)

Grant Bilbrey (Co-Owner/Operator)

Grant began the venture of building Doubling Gap Ranch along with his father, John, in 2014. Starting from the ground up, Grant has spearheaded the huge task of renovating the property and buildings, along with the general oversight of daily farm operations.

Grant's passion for raising horses and cattle with attention to every detail of their care is the cornerstone for all that Doubling Gap Ranch strives to achieve. Grant lives on the ranch, and devotes his time to operating the farm and raising his three children, along with his wife Carri.

Carri Bilbrey (Office Manager)

Lewis Garcia

Born and raised in Southern Maryland, Lewis began his knowledge base of raising livestock and horses as soon as he could walk. Recently relocating to Pennsylvania, Lewis and his wife, Jessica, take pride in the care they provide their own farm in Newville. Carrying on traditions from his grandfather as well as learning new best practices, Lewis strives to provide the most proficient care to the animals he is responsible for. Starting as the barn manager in February 2023, it is his goal to learn the individual needs of each animal at Doubling Gap Ranch, as well as share his vast knowledge on raising and caring for horses and cattle.
Doubling Gap Ranch is a family-owned working ranch located in central Pennsylvania, just outside Newville, PA.

We have over 300 acres nestled in the foothills of the beautiful Blue mountains.
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